As part of the Saccone & Speed (Gibraltar) Group of Companies, Gaggero Cemats achieved accreditation ISO 9001:2008, the International Standard on Quality Management in 2006.

The Company is totally committed to our customers and employees to provide a professional service in our field of expertise.

All staff are trained in their area of responsibility and senior management considers on–going training as a key part of the overall Quality Policy.

We have adopted a structured and consistent approach to business, enhanced by adherence to the requirement and principles of ISO 9001:2008 which helps us to maximise internal efficiency and maintain the very highest standards of customer care.

Our commitment to close liaison with all grades of staff, frequent communications with customers ensure continual improvement permeates the business at all levels.

The Company's quality objectives and targets will be monitored through periodic internal audits and management reviews.

We are committed to ensuring by regular and frequent management reviews that our quality and business objectives are met through the development of our employee's capabilities, the continual improvement of our methods and practices and the effectiveness of our quality management system.

The Company is committed to continual improvement in the operation and delivery of all aspects of our business to the highest health and safety standard so as to ensure the prevention of injury and ill health.

We will demonstrate this commitment by implementing systems aligned with the provision of Health & Safety BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and any applicable legal requirements.

Our plan is to minimise the risk created by any of our work related activities and to organise ourselves in ways that ensure our employees are involved and participate in communicating the safety message.

Our objective is to provide suitable information and training to employees regarding safety, safe use of equipment, service and product.

We will establish Health & Safety improvement objectives, to constantly commit ourselves to reviewing through our management processes, their effectiveness.

All incidents will be investigated by examining the underlying causes, identifying the shortfalls in the management procedures of Health and Safety, and taking such corrective and preventive actions as are necessary to continuously improve our Health and Safety performance.

The Company actively ensures that all Health & Safety information is communicated to the relevant persons.

Management will encourage employees to achieve the highest possible standards of Health and Safety, and discipline those who consistently fail to consider their own being or relevant persons.

The Director's and Senior Management of the Company are fully committed to complying with all requirements of environmental legislation and codes of practice relevant to its area of operation.

In addition, the Company will assess the environmental impact of all historic, current and future operations.

The Company will continuously seek to improve environmental performance particularly relating to reducing pollution, emissions and waste and reduce the use of all raw materials energy and supplies.

Our Company's environmental objectives and targets will be monitored through periodic internal audits and management reviews, adhering to Legal requirements and EN ISO 14001:2004 standards.

We manage our activities and any detrimental effects they might have on the environment. We encourage all employees to participate actively in the protection of the environment for future generations.

We seek to identify any impact of pollution arising from any of our activities, and set objectives and targets to control the risks.

As part of this strategy, waste will be reduced to the lowest possible level and disposal will be considered and controlled.

The Company will also adhere to the following:

Educate employees and communicate to public

Always seek to improve

Reduce waste

Take responsible actions to prevent pollution

Heed the law


It is the policy of the Company to treat all employees and job applicants fairly and equally regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, age, disability or union membership status.

Furthermore the Company will ensure that no requirement or condition will be imposed without justification which could disadvantage individuals purely on any of the above grounds.

The policy applies to recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of employment including pay, promotion, training, transfer and every other aspect of employment.

The Company will regularly review its procedures and selection criteria to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and otherwise treated according to their relevant individual abilities and merits.

The Company is committed to the implementation of this policy and to a programme of action to ensure that the policy is, and continues to be, fully effective. The overall responsibility for the policy lies with the Managing Director and Board of Directors. However, all staff are required to comply with the policy and to act in accordance with its objectives so as to remove any barriers to equal opportunity.

Any act of discrimination by employees or any failure to comply with the terms of the policy will result in disciplinary action.

Employees who believe they have suffered any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation are entitled to raise the matter through the grievance procedure. All complaints of discrimination will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially.

In addition to our internal procedures, employees have the right to pursue complaints of discrimination to the Industrial Tribunal under the following anti-discrimination legislation:


However employees wishing to make a complaint to a tribunal normally will be required to raise their complaint under our internal grievance procedure first.

Every effort will be made to ensure that employees who make complaints will not be victimised. Any complaint of victimization will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially. Victimisation will result in disciplinary action and may warrant dismissal..
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